Health and Safety Management

health and safety management in Nigeria

Our facilities management department in Libra Reliance Properties control and manage safety and health related issues with great dedication and utmost professionalism, as there’s really nothing as important as this. Our health and safety management activities includes risk assessment, policies, training and installation and maintenance of health and safety systems.

Fire safety

The threat from fire carries one of the highest risks to loss of life and property, and the potential to damage or shut down a business.

Libra Reliance Properties’ facilities management department have a standard system for installation, maintenance, inspection and testing of fire safety equipment and systems, keeping records and certificates of compliance, to prevent fire threats from disturbing you or your business.

Health Emergency protocol

By virtue of our experience in the real estate management industry and in security management, Libra Reliance Properties has developed a comprehensive and efficient – and highly responsive – Emergency Preparedness and Response Protocol in order to ensure swift response to emergency issues that might ensue at any period of activity on your estate.

The simulations we develop prepare our facilities management staff for crises of varying scales that might threaten your property. You can always have confidence in us against any emergency situations that may arise at anytime.

To learn more about our health and safety systems and process, call 07011881000.