Relationship Management

relationship management company in Nigeria

Our relationship management activities in Nigeria involves documentation, communication, analysis and top-notch customer care. Our role involves working with tenants to help them make the right decisions with their housing needs, and explain the terms and conditions attached to the transaction to them. They’ll also be acquainted with their duties, and every other necessary thing to know about the property.

We also facilitate cordial relationship between occupants as well as property owners and occupants. This allows for a peaceful living and working environment for all parties. LRP conflict resolution expertise also comes in play in the few instances where misunderstandings occur between parties. We quickly manage them and come up with favourable resolutions for both parties.

AT LRP, we believe proper communication is the bed-rock of good relationship management. We update stakeholders  frequently before, during, and after our facility management activities. This includes using modern and traditional communication tools which includes email, sms, bulletins, meetings as well as social media.

All we do is based around you and your needs, to ensure a smooth, cordial relationship, devoid of strife or reasons for litigation, between you and your property occupants.

To learn more about how our relationship management activities aids in our facility management and how it can help properly manage your property, call 07011881000.