Utilities Management


Managing the everyday utilities functionality is a very complicated and difficult task in any organization, and in some private estates. LRP has made utility billing, consumption monitoring/reporting, vacant recovery, utility budgeting/analysis, commodity purchasing as well as a full service payable solution part of our core business platform.

LRP is a partner you can trust that helps you get more value, in form of reducing utility expenses and enhancing Cash Flow to your properties.

We help you eliminate the headaches and hassles of utility accounts, tenant billings, sub-meter installations, water and power generation, and wasted utility. We guarantee timely and accurate tenant billing, increased operational efficiency, elimination of unnecessary utility consumption, or wastage, and instant access to historical data.

Specifically, we engage in the management of the various utilities necessary for the smooth running of your property activities. We ensure hitch-free water generation, treatment and distribution, and we also handle your property’s power generation and management.

Our job is to make sure you enjoy the management and usage of the necessary utilities without hiccups, and without you having to worry about them.

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